Notes to Self

1. Mostly, you don’t have to own things to enjoy them, and how much you spend on a bed rarely has much to do with how well you sleep in it

2. I still can’t accessorise, arrange flowers or know what to do with my arms when my photo is being taken. I still don’t comprehend the unbearable tangling of cords.

3. Standing in a library with a bundle of books or looking out into the trees from the rock ledge at the end of my yard, I feel rich beyond my wildest dreams

4. My life seems more of a meander with the occasional lurch than a journey

5. Volunteers are amazing
The most important thing, that life is rarely immutable. Sometimes what happens leaves you struggling for breath and grasping for something solid to cling to. The flip-side is that things continue to shift. …how you feel…how you cope..sometimes for the better…sometimes for the worse…but always shifting.

For me, there’s apprehension in this but also comfort and so far, with the getting up and getting on, and the salve of friendship I’ve made it this far.