47. Parks of Steam

IMG_6804Rotorua in New Zealand is a place famous for the natural phenomena of gases beneath the crust wafting out of holes and craters and the distinctive aroma of sulphur. It is certainly not something I’d ever experienced before and a distinctive ‘new thing’ to add to the list.

I ‘did’ all the tourist bits including a guided tour of the Museum where the quieter time meant is was just myself and the guide. I sat in the small theatre where the tragic history of the devastation of the earthquake and volcanic eruption in 1886, unfolds culminating in a simulated experience in which intense sounds accompany the shuddering all about and below.

All of this was fascinating, but for me, you just had to be intrigued by a place where you can be strolling through a park, or driving along a road and see vaporous puffs coming out of ground about you. It confronts the disconnect that those of us who don’t live in places vulnerable to earthquake or volcano have between our terrestrial existence and what lies beneath.

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