36. Aboriginal Walkabout

Pondering a possible new thing experience in my local area I thought it might be interesting to pretend I was a tourist and do a search for popular experiences in the Blue Mountains.

IMG_9045Amidst the expected attractions was one I’d never heard of but which received much high praise from travellers. It was called Evans Walkabout .

Walking a short distance from the meeting point we stopped for introductions. I was certainly the most local of the participants! The others were a couple from the United States, a young man from Israel and a woman from Japan studying native flower essences in Perth.

After talking a little about his background and connections to this particular place, Evan set the tone for the walk..quiet and respectful…conscious of the earth beneath our foot fall and all of nature about. Eyes closed we ran our hands over rock or tree and imagined taking in the sense of it. He also showed us special places, carvings in the rock shelf and a vast cave overhang where I displayed my usual lack of artistic ability decorating bark with pigments. It was a very enjoyable day winding down into the valley to the cool of the creek bed and up again taking the time for mindful appreciation.

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