33. Taking a Stand

Sometimes, something is just wrong.

The injustice of it unsettles your equanimity and disturbs your peace.

When we are children the words we often wail into the wind and particularly towards adults are ‘it’s not fair’.

As adults we learn to accept that life is often not fair, that right does not always triumph over might and good does not always defeat evil. Mostly, rather than go completely mad, we have to live with this.

We come to understand too, that there is much more grey than black and white, more complexity than simplicity and many more ways to see the world than merely one.

In real life we have no Phantom Ring, we are unlikely to find the Tardis in our back yard, and it’s probably doubtful (at least in Australia) that a handsome red-coated Mountie with wolf/dog will stop by to rescue you.

It strikes me though,  that sometimes you have to take that stand anyway, even knowing that you are unlikely to change the outcome and that forces more powerful are likely to prevail.

Sometimes you have to accept the cost…personal…professional. Sometimes you have to careen into uncertainty clinging precariously and with humility to that sense of the right.

In my year of turning 50 I was faced with such a choice and determined upon the stand I had to take.

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