28. Star Gazer

I have of course gazed up at many stars on many nights.


photo courtesy of Remtrek

I also have a dim recollection of a school excursion to a Planetarium though this memory is somewhat overshadowed by the ones of trips to the Blayney Abattoir and the movie Towering Inferno.

There is one star too, for which I feel a particular attachment. It is the one that settles into view above the place where I live. Driving there in the dark it is my first sense of home and  its familiar comfort.

It was impossible then to pass up the chance to peer through a powerful telescope into the clearest of skies in the company of someone who knew them intimately and had both knowledge and passion for his subject.


photo courtesy of Remtrek

In Karijini National Park we met for the tour at the eco-retreat cafe/restaurant and piled onto a small bus for the tour with Phil Witt of Remtrek. We travelled a shortish distance along a dirt road into an open space set up for sitting and listening and looking. It was very chilly but I had a memorable close up gaze at the moon, the rings of Saturn, and all the evocative constellations set bright against the deep dark.

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