25. Ice Cream…Ice Cream

As a child the ice cream experience is intensely felt, both the ecstasy of reaching out to take one on a hot summers day and the agony when it drops off the cone into the dirt as you are poised to take that first lick. Or was it only me that this happened to?

As an adult it had become for me, one of the quintessential traveling/holiday experiences, an ice-cream/gelato in the afternoon, strolling a foreshore or perhaps a narrow cobbled path with the sound of another language in my ears. It’s easy though to get stuck in the albeit delicious, twin peaked strawberry/hazelnut waffle cone of habit, so I thought five new flavours (one for each decade) could only add to the pleasures of a 50th birthday year.


As the year unfolded I found myself in middle flung places giving me the chance to experience


lychee and coconut at Leura

honey at a honey farm on Kangaroo Island

plum at Waitomo Caves in New Zealand

hokey pokey on the Northern Explorer train in New Zealand

blood orange at Glenelg in South Australia

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