19. 3D Movie

My first 3D movie experience.

It was during the period when the fires were about in the Blue Mountains, not too close at that stage to be an immediate threat to me but I felt the need to get off the mountains for a bit and seek distraction in the cool dark of a cinema.

IMG_0268Inevitably there was a somewhat surreal atmosphere in the local community. Amidst a semblance of normality and people trying to get on with their lives was an underlying tension that was palpable. There was the immediate catastrophe for many of what happened at Winmalee, friends relating what they had been through, close escapes, houses saved, houses lost. The degrees of separation pressed close and there was also the threat of what was still happening and of might be yet to come. The plume of the Winmalee blaze was nowhere near under control . It variously shrank then blackened and grew, looming over the area while the massive fire front to the north seemed an unstoppable force likely to find us soon.

IMG_9459Gravity was playing in 3D at a cinema in a shoppingcentre in a suburb of Sydney. In the streets outside the complex there was a community event going on. It was another hot day. My eyes noticed the wind fluttering the banners and I thought of what it was doing to the flames in the trees, but otherwise it was reassuringly normal (well at least the modern western society version of normal), with inflatable lounges, balloons, artificial turf and a boy band playing on a stage. Mostly though it was just people wandering about, enjoying the weekend.

Inside the cinema it was as cool and dark as I had needed it to be. I donned my special glasses and entered the fantasy realm. The 3D images in space were very beautiful.

It’s only now, writing this that it’s struck me that for all the 3D magic what the film is really about is being disconnected. The Sandra Bullock character had become disconnected from life. The disaster in space untethers her from earth and safety in an immediate and terrifying way and presents her with stark choices.

I can realise now that I was probably feeling a bit untethered myself at the time.

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