14. Open Other End

This one fell out of my mind as I opened up a packet of water crackers one day. They were the kind that come in a box which on one end has ‘open other end’ and on the other ‘lift to open’.

IMG_2534I was struck by the idea of what might happen if I opened it by the non prescribed end, so I did. The answer…virtually nothing. Inside, the plastic ends were almost identical.

It prompted deep philosophical questions

  1. Why can’t they make the ends the same? It can’t be a question of cost.
  1. Is it part of a conspiracy to create a populace that can’t perform a simple task without direction?
  1. Wouldn’t it be fun to create packaging that had open other end on each end..would the modern mind implode?

It was completely silly but quite liberating and I continued the experiment through the year. I didn’t try it with liquids though. Much of this packaging seems intrinsically flawed.

I’m not that brave.

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