10. Wrangling Technology

First Apple computer: Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Technology and I have always co-existed in a slightly uneasy relationship in which we tolerate each other but there is little warmth or kindred feeling. I use it for work on a need to know basis, seem to frequently be responsible for apoplectic reactions in photocopy machines, and generally put it into the category of things I am not terribly good at.

Now, motivated partly by emerging need and the 50newthings conviction that I should ‘just do it’..I did.

So..all for first times I,
used youtube to check out new music,

purchased some music online that I couldn’t get in cd form

got an iPod nano

downloaded podcasts of  Richard Fidler’s ‘Conversations’ so that I could take them with me on my travels

made my first online comment

played my first computer game

Still though

I’m happy to buy the physical form of a cd where I can

I like paper maps  (maybe I just don’t like being told where to go by anyone even a dulcet toned navigational device)

I’m more than happy to be disconnected from mobile devices a great deal of the time, particularly when traveling

Email and text are fantastic and convenient, but nothing can quite compare to the pleasure of a letter or postcard.

My favourite book will always be one with pages you can touch and turn

Where ever possible, I would rather be with people face to face

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